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Greater Manchester has played a significant role in the history and development of fire engines and firefighting, which the museum based at Rochdale Fire Station, portrays through its collection. For example, Manchester had the first municipal fire authority in England, Eccles was the first brigade in Britain to purchase a motor fire engine, and the county has played a major part in fire engine manufacture over the past 150 years. The museum features several full-size fire appliances, along with equipment, uniforms, models, photographs, medals and insignia and interesting memorabilia relating to such historical figures as James Braidwood and Alfred Tozer. The collections and displays in the museum portray the proud record of achievement and development of fire brigades, firefighters, personalities and manufacturers associated with fire heritage in Greater Manchester. The many and varied exhibits include several full-size fire appliances, along with a large collection of equipment, photographs, uniforms, medals, insignia, models and other memorabilia. Parts of the museum have been laid out to form period tableaux so as to portray the exhibits in a more natural setting. This includes a Victorian street frontage housing an insurance office, fire equipment supplier's shop and fire station. Inside the station stands a horse-drawn steam pump surrounded by various contemporary items and fittings. There is also a 1940s Blitz scene featuring a trailer fire pump with uniformed personnel and equipment.

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Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum Office

  • Address: Maclure Road, Rochdale
  • Postcode: OL11 1DN
  • Phone: 01706 901227
  • URL: www.manchesterfire.gov.uk

Business Hours

  • The museum is open on Fridays (except Bank Holidays) and the first Sunday of each month (except January) from 10am to 4pm. No appointment is necessary but bigger groups should check in advance. Larger (monthly) open days usually feature working exhibits and additional attractions.

Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum

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